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Frédéric Wittwer, a committed and strong-willed Swiss entrepreneur, founded Frewitt Maschinenfabrik in 1946.

This dynamic and creative engineer was able to anticipate what the pharmaceutical industry needed early on: an ability to crush and grind the raw materials they needed for manufacturing their tablets, pills and capsules. It was also clear to him that the industry wanted to mark its products in order to enable traceability. Wittwer quickly developed machines for these two areas that provided for significant progress in terms of efficiency, quality and reliability.

Frewitt’s continued development led to it specializing in the crushing and grinding of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food products industries. Frewitt was also the company that engineered a machine for the gentle crushing and grinding of raw materials employing a patented vibrating and oscillating technology. Needless to say, it quickly became a bestseller in the 1950s. At the turn of the millennium, Frewitt expanded its operations and business segment. Apart from developing and producing machines for making powders and granulates it also expanded into downstream processes: dosing, packaging and packing, and conveying. In doing so, Frewitt is now able to offer all-in-one solutions. Since then, Frewitt has succeeded in engineering a wide range of machinery and systems, thus elevating it to a global market leader in its field.



With the vast, rich experience acquired by it since its founding in 1946, Frewitt continues its pursuit of excellence in its key areas of competence — all processes relating to the crushing, grinding and conveying of raw materials. In so doing it resolutely pursues its goal of providing innovative solutions to its customers and catering to their needs in terms of cost effectiveness and quality. While maintaining time-honored Swiss traditions.


Frewitt seeks to assist its customers on their road to success – as an indispensable partner.

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