Scale Monitor

Scale Monitor

Frewitt Scale Monitor

A Frewitt tool to ensure precise dosing!

Our tool guarantees accurate flow rates and flows for all your needs. Say goodbye to dosing errors once and for all!

An economical and practical weighing solution, specially adapted to the constraints of pharmaceutical milling processes. Frewitt’s integrated weighing system is specially designed for use with machines in the FlexMill-Prod range.

The scale is ideally placed in relation to the milling heads and does not require ground tethering. It is fixed securely to the base so that the machine can be moved at any time.Due to the ingenious fixing system with a weight of only 20 kg, the scale can be dismantled and removed within a few seconds; only a mounting clamp remains on the base.

The scale is available in two variations: one for short-arm machines and one for long-arm machines. The container for the ground product (bag or drum) is simply placed on the measuring plate and grinding can commence manually or with advanced dosing functions as well as automatic detection of production disturbances (jamming, low input levels etc.)


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