Technology Center

Technology Center

Frewitt Technology Center (FTC)

Process Optimization

We define optimal processes, allowing you to achieve your targeted PSD, throughput, or density in our state-of-the-art Technology center. If you face new challenges in your existing production procedures; we can help you optimize your procedures until you are entirely satisfied. Optimization of your process is guaranteed by our 70-years of experience, technical expertise, and our powerful tool, Design of Experiments (DOE). Frewitt consults with you to establish the optimal milling process in our research and development, finding the most suitable machine and process conditions for your new projects and production requirements. Applying DoE, we conduct training in milling processes, machine operations, and run diagnostic procedures.


Laboratory Tests

Frewitt's Technology center is fully equipped with the latest powder analytical instruments, enabling us to run trials of crushing, milling, conveyance, dosing, and precise weighing procedures, complimented by the analysis of the corresponding characteristics of the powders being processed.
At Frewitt, you not only see how the machines and installations function; you also acquire extensive powder processing experience We optimize your milling processes by analyzing your requests, identifying your basic products and targeted goals, conducting trials of your products and training for your operating team.


Analysis & Measures

Powder processing analysis has several aims, to characterize powder after milling or dis-agglomeration.
We analyze on-line PSD, off-line PSD, bulk density, tap density and other relevant processing data. We also help you to optimize your current analytical methods and conduct training where required. We study your requests in order to answer your questions on powder characteristics, while analyzing your products before and after milling.


Full Process Scalability

Frewitt produces both lab mills for research and pilot-scale applications, along with production mills.
We provide total upward scalability from lab-scale units to production-scale machines, by using the same process parameters such as screens and tip-speed of rotors. We support your milling processes right through from initial research to product trials, assisting your scale-up when you move from research scale, to pilot-scale, to production. Frewitt works with you to solve any production problems you may encounter.



It is not enough to have the right milling machine.
Good results depend on the knowledge of how to properly use the mill and comprehending how the process parameters influence the outcomes. We offer the flexibility to enable in-house or on-site training. Frewitt not only provides knowledge, but also insight stemming from decades of experience. We offer on-site training sessions for your milling process and supports your staff by sharing our theoretical and practical know how.


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