Visual Sieve Set-Up

Visual Sieve Set-Up

Frewitt Visual Sieve Set-Up

The Frewitt Visual Sieve Set-Up (FVSS) is a visual aid for calibrating the sieve-rotor distance on your oscillating mill. The device ensures that there is no contact between the rotor and sieve during the operation while keeping the distance as small as possible for optimal processing. With this option, the user no longer has to rely on sound alone and can instead view the adjustments using the accuracy scale on the machine’s HMI, thus ensuring a safer, more efficient process and reducing the risk of excessive tension. When the position has been locked in, it will remain stable, regardless of the conditions.


System features:
• Visual detection at point zero
• Ease of use for the operator
• No need to rely on sound alone - ideal for use in noisy environments
• Available on Frewitt Oscillating Mills
• This device allows you to validate and reinforce the GMP aspect


This latest innovation reinforces Frewitt’s Total Care Concept, providing safety for the operator, the product and the equipment.


- Containment
- Safety
- Swiss Technology


• Visual calibration graph
• Alert given when sieve is improperly positioned
• Fully integrated into the machine’s control system

• Batch report
• 21 CFR Part 11
• Applicable on oscillating mills
• Audit trials

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• Innovative solution to increase process efficiency and safety
• Helps validate your FDA Audit
• Can be retrofitted into your existing machines
• Prolongs the lifespan of the machine and tools by preventing damage and wear
• Developed in compliance with the Frewitt Total Care Concept