PowerMill PMV-320

PowerMill PMV-320

PowerMill PMV-320

The PMV-320 Pin Mill enables users to achieve unprecedented performance while removing all risks encountered during milling. Frewitt proposes a new Gold-Standard in terms of safetyfor the user: low stable process temperature preserving API-properties, consistent PSD and the elimination of explosion risk in the smallest possible footprint. (PATENT PROTECTED)



Competitors require several footprints, Frewitt needs only one single in-line platform.

Unique high impact Pin Mill, delivering a PSD range down to D 90 < 6μm

  • Throughput up to 1000kg per hour

  • Compatible for 0/20 ATEX – removal of traditional zone

  • risks due to the process on the vacuum

  • Process can be easily contained up to OEB 5

  • Elimination of noise

  • Extremely low process temperature elevation

  • Less product retention than competing technologies

  • Lowest consumables requirement for this type of process in the market

  • Compact assembly for easy in-line integration

  • Adaptable to mezzanine or multi-floor executions

  • Scalable to Frewitt Lab Scale / Pilot Scale Pin Mill systems

  • Best cost / value ratio in the market

Suitable for the following industries :

Industry of type PHARMACEUTICAL


Industry of type BATTERY


Industry of type CHEMICAL


Industry of type FOOD


Process Characteristics

End fineness
End fineness

Down to D 90 < 6 μm


50–1000 Kg/h

Temp. range of product
Temp. range of product

-20°C to +60°C

Rotor speed
Rotor speed

Ultra high speed


  • Pharma execution GMP/FDA
  • ATEX 0/20 Int.
  • Fully automated system
  • Integrated dosing system
  • Integrated vacuum pumps
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Integrated conveying system
  • Level / pressure / temperature sensors
  • Inline process = reduce footprint
  • Automated WIP cleaning
  • Customized inlet charging & discharging of product
  • OEB level up to 5
  • Specific custom tooling
  • In-line sampling device
  • Automated cleaning skid
  • 21 CFR part 11 / GAMP 5
  • Flexible arrangements: customized mezzanine or multi-floor execution
  • SMEPAC Test

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions & Weight
Length 3000 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height 5000 mm
Weight 2500 kg




AISI-304/304L - Ra≤3.2 μm


AISI-316/316L - Ra≤0.8 μm

In product contact, certified by FDA


Features and information

• Absence of air flow
• No need of additional cyclone filter or separator
• Reduced product retention
• Easy top-down cleaning
• Reduced product contact surface area
• Less energy consumption
• Shortest product residency time, PSD achieved in one pass
• API properties remain perfectly protected
• Flexibility of modular arrangement
• Lower operating cost, superior Roi versus competing technologies

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