FlexMill-Lab NW-15

FlexMill-Lab NW-15

FlexMill-Lab NW-15

The FlexMill-Lab NW with milling tool type 15, is a high-performance bead mill engineered specifically for wet nano milling of pharmaceutical products down to D50 of 50 nanometer. The modularity of the milling chamber lends itself for processing batches ranging from milligrams of solids up to 1.5 kg. Short milling time at lower specific energy allows a gentle product processing and a tight particle size distribution. The device’s compact design facilitates easy integration and quick set-up in any laboratory.

Suitable for the following industries :

Industry of type PHARMACEUTICAL


Industry of type BATTERY


Industry of type CHEMICAL


Industry of type FOOD


Process Characteristics

End fineness
End fineness

from mg to 1.5 kg of solid product

Temp. range
Temp. range

Precise control of processing temperature

Product density
Product density

D50 down to 50nm


  • Pharma execution GMP/FDA
  • Simple HMI interface
  • Vertical separation system
  • Milling tool type 15
  • Mobile cart with lifting device

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions & Weight
Length 826 mm
Width 561 mm
Height 655 mm




AISI-304 /304L - Ra ≤1.4 μm


AISI-316 /316L - Ra ≤ 0.8 μm

In product contact, certified by FDA


Features and information

• High efficiency mill operating at low rotor tip speed
• Intensification of comminution process, high mixing and homogeneity
• Dynamic separation system (patented) with no filter and thus no clogging
• Optional in-line & real-time PAT solutions for size measurement
• GMP design combining simplicity of use, efficient beads handling and high product recovery
• Easy cleaning Washing-in-Place (WIP) and quick tool-free access to internal components
• Multiple operation modes (batch, semi-batch for filling/ emptying, external recirculation)
• Simple and easy integration of the milling head into a rigid or flexible isolator
• Very broad scope of application for all types of powders
• Milling head readily interchangeable on a single Tri-Clamp connection flange
• Light, compact milling head

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