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Oscillating Mill
Everyone knows that the Oscillating Mill a high-perfomance sieve mill is for a gentle grinding of heat-sensitive products - but few know that the OscilloWitt was developed for mobile, thinking, multi-filling process professionals.
The Oscillating Mill was built to meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry, offering the operator an unparalled flexibility, enabled by its user-oriented, mobile, height adjustable design. The user has the option of docking the mill, which is mounted on a mobile lifter, anywhere in the production area. He can bring the device to the desired height with a touch of a button, easily integrating into an existing or new system in an open or closed application.

Process data

  • Particle Size range5 cm - 250 µm
  • Throughput min - maxup to 1000 kg/h
  • Densityup to 2 kg/dm3
  • Temperature range productfrom -20°C to +60°C
• Very broad scope of application ranging from all types of dry to wet and heat sensitive powders
• Diverse use possibilities ranging from stand-alone and in-line to integration in complete plants
• Versatile use thanks to a large selection of dispersion elements, which can be changed easily and quickly
• Low operating costs due to low wear and easy maintenance
• High level of operational safety for containment requirements up to OEB 5 (< 1µg/m3)
• Easy and quick cleaning - Clean-in-Place (CIP), Wash-in-Place (WIP), Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) optionally available
• Machine mounted on a mobile lifting column/range 1000 mm
• Machine for fixed, in-wall installation/allows separation into ATEX/non-ATEX zones